Attorney Pierre Martin D. Reyes is appointed CEO of Protectoria Global Inc. in Manila

Protectoria Global Incorporated (PGI), a fully owned subsidiary of Protectoria Venture AS, are happy to announce that Atty. Pierre Martin D. Reyes has been appointed CEO. 

He brings with him deep legal competence as managing partner in the legal firm Weigands & Partners and broad experience from a series of positions with Philippine public life.  

Protectoria launched its first satellite company in the ASEAN region, Protectoria Global Inc., Manila, developing secure business applications based on the infrastructure provided by its mother company Protectoria Venture, in 2018. Together with Trond Lemberg, the founder of Protectoria Venture AS, Norway, Pierre created Protectoria Global Inc. with the aim to define new business offerings based on the secure infrastructure of Protectoria Venture. It is his ambition to develop innovations which enable public services to become more effective and more user-friendly for citizens and businesses. 

PGI used the services of Weigands & Partners for all legal advice with Pierre Martin Reyes as main legal counsel. The parties have now agreed on expanding the cooperation, and Weigands & Partners will now provide a broad set of management services supporting the development of the company. 

Pierre M. Reyes’ main tasks would be to develop the organization, secure further sales opportunities and deliver on the 15-year contract signed with Quezon City`s Office for Senior Citizen Affairs (OSCA) for developing, building and operating a secure and user-friendly digital decentralised identity infrastructure service with SSI technology. The delivery of the service will manage identities and handle dedicated discounts required by the law act No. 9994 granting benefits and privileges to Senior Citizens.

This Digital Senior Citizen ID will also enable Senior Citizens to use their Senior Citizen card online in e-commerce transactions and apply online for subsidies provided by the government. Acceptance points can automate the calculation of the 20% discount, and other government mandated benefits, and optimize their business processes. The program also allows local government units to analyse the transactions recorded in the digital booklets. Furthermore, the Digital ID can be used by all citizens to get access to online services offered by their city.

Protectoria Global Inc. also offers a Health ID, which is an ecosystem that can verify the authenticity of a vaccine, identify the recipient of the vaccination and the person that has provided the vaccination, document all vaccinations in an online record, respecting the privacy of the Citizen. This service offering has attracted strong interest among local government units in the Manila Metro Capital Region, and PGI intends to offer this service.  

About Protectoria Global Inc. 

Protectoria Global Incorporated, (PGI) is a Philippine company with offices in Manila, 100% owned by Protectoria Venture AS (PV), a Norwegian Identity Infrastructure Service company with offices in Oslo and Berlin. 

Digital identity is the backbone of digital transactions. Significant market growth is expected for decentralized digital infrastructure services based on Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and blockchain technologies. The firm aims to benefit from a first mover advantage to to take a leading position in the fast growing market for decentralized digital identity infrastructure. 

PGI aims at a market leading position for these services in the Philippines. PGI has secured the exclusivity to resell PV’s digital Identity Infrastructure Services for the Philippines, which is the underlying infrastructure of the services to be integrated. PGI has a vision to “empower people to become sovereign citizens”. 

About Protectoria Venture AS 

is a Norwegian company with offices in Oslo, Berlin and Manila which develops and operates a secure cloud infrastructure managing digital identities as a service, called Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) and blockchain technology and integrates proprietary technology for securing transactions.

More information: 

Trond Lemberg; Chairman;
Mobile phone: + 47 414 87 310

Pierre Martin Reyes, CEO;
Mobile phone: + 63 0 976 064 2436

Erik Storelv, Board Member;
Mobile phone: +47 46 52 22 00