Introducing Digital Identities in Quezon City

Protectoria Venture - the Norwegian digital identity security specialist

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The primary objective of Protectoria is to develop, deploy, and operate a digital ID for the benefit of the citizens, authorities, businesses and other organizations across the world. The vision for the future would be to use our digital identity not only for payment and mobile banking, but also, potentially, for national IDs, allowing the underbanked people to get access to financial services. 


Our company video shows how we, at Protectoria, want to make the digital world a safer place

Our strategic partnership in the Philippines

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In 2018, we created Protectoria Venture to realize new business opportunities, focusing on especially in the ASEAN markets. Together with our partners, we develop innovative business models customized to the needs of the local markets and people. Our first strategic partnership is Protectoria Global Inc. – PGI – in the capital of the Philippines, Manila.

The Booklet Replacement Program of OSCA in Quezon City

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Together with our partner PGI we are developing, deploying, and operating a digital ID in a secure mobile wallet for the benefit of the citizens and establishments. 

The first step is the Booklet Replacement Program of the Office for the Senior Citizens’ Affairs, OSCA: The three paper booklets normally carried around by senior citizens are converted into a digital format, where all transactions made by senior citizens shall be captured and stored electronically.

Please let us know what you think about our prototype. We are looking forward to receiving your suggestions and comments!