The Protectoria platform provides Identification, Authentication and Signature services to enable businesses and their customers to use identity information in a secure and compliant way. 

The platform achieves this by bundling all essential security functionalities. This in return helps the stakeholders of a decentral digital ecosystem to get their job done with less complexity and friction.

Protectoria’s authentication system – called Protectoria Secure Mobile Platform (PSMP) – guarantees that in any use case the credentials are protected at the highest security level while also providing a best-in-class user experience. In addition, the patented display protection mechanism makes sure that the user can always rely on the information displayed on the device.

The platform creates and manages digital identities on behalf of the IDENTITY HOLDER, issues verifiable credentials on behalf of the IDENTITY ISSUER and provides services to verify identity claims on behalf of the RELYING PARTY.

One major success factor for this infrastructure is the reliable storage of the secret credentials in the secure environment of our platform. The security architecture of the platform ensures that the user is always in full control of the credentials, even if the user’s device got lost or can’t be accessed. Our secure mobile wallet allows the user to manage the credentials in a user-friendly and privacy-focused manner. 

The platform is an enabler for decentralized ecosystems. It relies on technical standards, open source infrastructure and open APIs for a quick setup and connectivity. This supports the mutual growth of participating businesses where interoperability and open connectivity drive the prosperity of all stakeholders.


“Self-sovereign identity is the next step beyond user-centric identity and that means it begins at the same place: the user must be central to the administration of identity.”

– Christopher Allen –


“Authentication is the mechanism, through which the natural or legal person uses the electronic identification means, to confirm identity to a relying party.”

– eIDAS Regulation –



Support relying parties to invite new customers and business partners to sign documents remotely and digitally.
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