OSCA Application for onboarding Senior Citizens

Onboard a new Senior Citizen with Control Number


The first step for onboarding Senior Citizens is to enhance the existing Senior Citizen Card with a QR Code sticker. Once the app starts we can log in to the PGI platform with our username and password. We can now access the OSCA application, which allows us to issue new digital IDs to Senior Citizens and to validate existing digital IDs and the related identity data.


The OSCA app allows us to either enter a control number or to scan the QR sticker put on the Senior Citizen Card. We start by typing a control number, which is usually seen on the card of the Senior Citizen. By clicking “next” the digital ID of the Senior Citizen will be retrieved on the PGI platform.


If the control number is valid, the app shows the identity data of the Senior. By clicking on the button “correct” we confirm that the Senior Citizen in front of us is the one registered by OSCA.


Now the OSCA app asks us to select a QR Code printed in advance and to put the sticker on the card of the Senior Citizen in front of us.


We scan the QR Code with the OSCA app. At this moment the PGI platform creates the digital ID for the Senior Citizen and links that digital ID to the scanned QR Code and matches both with the Senior Citizen profile.


The OSCA app confirms the successful onboarding of the Senior Citizen. We can now proceed to onboard another Senior Citizen.

Validate QR Code for Senior Citizen already onboarded


If the Senior Citizen Card is already equipped with a QR Code sticker, we can check whether it is valid and linked to the correct digital identity. We enter the control number of another Senior Citizen ID Card.


This Senior Citizen is already onboarded. There is nothing more to do. We now proceed to onboard another Senior Citizen.
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