Portal for the Management of Establishments

Register Acceptance Point Device


In order to activate a mobile device for an acceptance point we have to log in to the portal by typing a username and password.


Once we are logged in we can see all the options available in the portal. 

The portal has many functions but right now we want to showcase how to manage the acceptance devices.

By clicking on managing the acceptance device we access the landing page where we can actually see the template to register acceptance devices.


Each establishment must register at least one administration device which is used to securely log in to the portal and which can also be used in parallel as an acceptance device. 

This is especially important for small shops, which are operated by a single owner only.

We first select the type of acceptance device which is either a sales or admin device and then choose a device name, which has to follow certain rules of consistency. Then we are asked to enter a device location.


When we press the button “register”, the portal is connected to the PGI platform and in return receives a QR code which is unique for the registration of this device.

This QR code is sent by the administrator of the establishment to the one responsible for the Acceptance Point.

The QR code is then scanned by the acceptance point app in order to activate a mobile device and link it to the digital ID of the establishment. This process is shown in another video.

Activate Acceptance Point Device


The easiest way is to scan the QR code provided by the establishment. 

If the acceptance point – the merchant – has not received a QR code yet, he can activate the mobile device online by entering the account of the establishment.


We prefer activating the mobile device via the QR code. In order to do this, we need to allow the app to access the camera and pictures on the phone.


We can now scan the QR code that was sent to us by our establishment. 

The process of how this QR Code is generated is shown in another video.


Now we can choose a PIN to protect the app and validate it. 

When we confirm the PIN by clicking “next” the app activates the mobile device and the PGI platform combines it with the ID of the establishment.


Now everything is set up for selling movie tickets.

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